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Five unusual members of the saxophone family: Bb soprillo, C soprano, Bb soprano, straight Bb tenor and straight Eb baritone. Photo by Adrienne Easton. Reproduced from the Jay C. Easton official website with the kind permission of Jay C. Easton.


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Permission to use photo

The photo is copyrighted but allows free use if credit is given to the photographer and my website,

Also, spiffing up the contrast/cropping is fine by me - anything to make the horns look good!

You have my permission (under the same terms) to use photos of my Tubax, mezzo-soprano, curved sopranino, straight tenor, straight baritone, contrabass, and/or bass saxes if any of them would be helpful to you.

Many of these are not on my site yet, but will be within the next several days. (I'm working on a site update with some new content.)

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