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Deutsch: Die Regenbogenfahne. Symbol der Lesben und Schwulen.
English: Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.
Español: Bandera arco iris. Símbolo de orgullo homosexual.
العربية: علم قوس قزح. رمز للاستعراضات التي تدعوا للافتخار بالمثلية.
עברית: דגל הגאווה. סמל של תנועות השחרור של ה הומוסקסואלים, ה לסביות, ה ביסקסואלים, וה טראנסג׳נדרס.
Français : Drapeau arc-en-ciel. Symbole homosexuel.
Italiano: Bandiera arcobaleno. Simbolo dell'orgoglio omosessuale.
Nederlands: Regenboogvlag. Symbool van de homobeweging.
Русский: Радужный флаг. Символ Гей-прайда.
Polski: Tęczowa flaga. Symbol walki o prawa osób homoseksualnych.
Suomi: Sateenkaarilippu. Seksuaali- ja sukupuolivähemmistöjen symboli.
Date 26 December 2005
Source SVG source (version of 04:11, 28 Dec 2010 — currently other colors are used):
 version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 777 480">
 y="000" width="777" height="99" fill="#f00000"/>
 y="080" width="777" height="99" fill="#ff8000"/>
 y="160" width="777" height="99" fill="#ffff00"/>
 y="240" width="777" height="99" fill="#007940"/>
 y="320" width="777" height="99" fill="#4040ff"/>
 y="400" width="777" height="80" fill="#a000c0"/>

SHA1 message digest (version of 04:11, 28 Dec 2010):

SHA1(Gay_flag.svg)= 02e964b6c4e047d05c5c8c92efb05ee8db0facad
Author Guanaco and subsequent editors
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orange rendered as RGB 255 140 000
yellow rendered as RGB 255 237 000
green rendered as RGB 000 128 038
blue rendered as RGB 000 077 255
purple rendered as RGB 117 007 135

Image notes

  • The current image height, 480 pixels, was chosen to match that of standard VGA. (It also divides conveniently by 6.)
  • The current image width, 777 pixels, was chosen to approximate the golden ratio:
480\varphi = 480\left(\frac{1 + \sqrt{5}}{2}\right) = 776.656314\ldots \approx 777.

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