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File:Erythemal action spectrum.svg



Gnuplot script:

# data source:
# solar spectrum: in Netherlands, noon, clear blue sky

action(l) = (l<297) ? 1 : ((l<327) ? 0.0015**((l-297)/30) : 1.5e-3*(1.2e-4/1.5e-3)**((l-327)/73))

set xlab 'Wavelength (nm)'
set ylab 'Irradiance (W/m2/nm)'

set xra [280:390]
set yra [8e-5:2]
set log y
set grid
set data sty lines
set nokey
set lab 1 'Sunlight spectrum' at 340,0.4
set lab 2 'Erythemal action spectrum' at 320,0.01
set lab 3 'Effective spectrum' at 340,4e-4 right

set term svg fsize 18
set out 'erythemal_spectrum.svg'

pl \
 'sunNL.dat', \
  action(x), \
  'sunNL.dat' usi 1:(action($1)*$2)

Datafile sunNL.dat:

295 1e-4
300 3e-3
305 3.1e-2
310 0.1
315 0.2
320 0.3
325 0.42
330 0.48
340 0.55
350 0.60
365 0.65
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