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English: en:Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Ḵwārizmī. (He is on a en:Soviet Union en:commemorative stamp, issued September 6, 1983. The stamp bears his name and says "1200 years", referring to the approximate anniversary of his birth)
فارسی: چهرهٔ خوارزمی بر روی تمبری از دوران شوری، منتشرشده در ۶ سپتامبر ۱۹۸۳
Português: Selo postal da União Soviética. No topo, lê-se "Почта CCCP 1983". Abaixo, "1200 лет Мухаммед аль·Хорезмu".
Русский: Мухаммед Аль-Хорезми. Советская почтовая марка, 4к., 1983
Українська: Мухаммед Аль-Хорезмі. Радянська поштова марка, 4к., 1983
Date 1983
Author Unknown
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This image (or derivatives) has been widely reproduced in printed books, including:

  • Michiel Keelstra. Een cultuurgeschiedenis van de wiskunde. Nieuwezijds: November 2006. ISBN 9057121360.
  • Corona Brezina. Al-Khwarizmi: The Inventor Of Algebra. (Great Muslim Philosophers and Scientists of the Middle Ages) ISBN 1404205136.

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