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GFDL. I trimmed it a little. See email below for grant of licence.

From: Lachlan Cranswick To: Adrian Midgley Subject: Re: Edward Jenner statue in Kensington Gardens - photographs Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 03:58:23 -0500 (08:58 GMT)

Hi Adrian, Feel free to use the image for whatever you want, and the same goes for the entire universe. I am happy to release the picture under this licence.


At 01:53 AM 2/19/2006 +0000, you wrote: >I wonder if you would permit one or more of the photos in your page at > >showing the bronze statue of Jenner in the Gardens to be used in the >Wikipedia article on Jenner which I am currently expanding and >improving? > >The licence usually offered for photos in WIkipedia is the Gnu Free >Documentation Licence which means you are being asked to assign rights >to reproduce it for non-commercial purposes to essentially the entire >universe. > >I'm about 150 miles from there, don't have plans to visit really soon >and your picture is at least as good as it needs to be - also, _please_. > >The article is at > > >Regards >-- >Dr Adrian Midgley > > >----------------------- Lachlan M. D. Cranswick WWW:

       Deep River, Ontario, Canada, K0J 1P0


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