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File:中華民國第一位民選首都市長吳三連於1951年勝選後 First People-elected Mayor of Taipei, the Capital of TAIWAN.jpg



English: Tangwai (independent) politician Wu San-lian (2L) celebrated his landslide victory (65.5%) in the first Taipei City mayoral election in January 1951 with his supporters.
中文(繁體)‎: 無黨籍 台南人吳三連(左二)獲悉以65.5%高票當選 中華民國首都 台北市第一屆民選市長後在辦事處與支持者舉杯同歡。
Date 7 January 1951
Author 秦凱(1922生,1949年隨中央通訊社到 臺灣,曾採訪古寧頭戰役、大陳島撤退、 花蓮大地震、及外國元首訪問台灣等,後任 美國CBS電視新聞駐台代表,執教國立藝專等)


Public domain This image is now in the public domain in the Republic of China ( Taiwan) because its term of copyright has expired there. According to articles 30 to 34 of the copyright laws of R.O.C., under the jurisdiction of the Government of R.O.C. all non-photographic works enter the public domain 50 years after the death of the creator (there being multiple creators, the creator who dies last); photographic works enter the public domain 50 years after the public release.

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  • According to the Copyright Act of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Economic rights for photographic works, audiovisual works, sound recordings, and performances endure for fifty years after the public release of the work (Article 34).
  • 依中華民國《 著作權法》第 34 條: 攝影、視聽、錄音及表演之著作財產權存續至著作公開發表後五十年。

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  1. 臺北市, Taiwan/Republic of China Yearbook (中華民國年鑑: 九十年版), Governmental Informational Office (行政院新聞局).
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