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Photograph of the American poet Ezra Pound in 1898 with his mother, Isabel.


The Seattle Times. Centre for the Arts.


c. 1898


photographer unknown

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Rationale for use in Ezra Pound

Though this image may be subject to copyright, its use is covered by the U.S. fair use laws, and the stricter requirements of Wikipedia's non-free content policies, because:

  1. It is an historically significant photograph of Ezra Pound.
  2. It is being used for informational purposes in a section of the article about his school days. It is being used in particular to illustrate the uniform he had to wear to the Cheltenham Military Academy, where he said he could stand everything but the drilling. It's also being used as a counterpoint to the later mugshot of Pound, taken when he was arrested in 1945 for treason. The juxtaposition of the images within the article is enlightening.
  3. There is no possibility of obtaining a release, because the copyright holder, if there is one, is unknown.
  4. The image is not high resolution, and copies made from it will not be high quality.
  5. It is widely available, and has no monetary value that would be affected by our use of it.
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