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Blackgang Chine c1910 - Project Gutenberg eText 17296.jpg

From Project Gutenberg's Pictures in Colour of the Isle of Wight, by Various, Printed London Jarrold and Sons c. 1910.


BLACKGANG CHINE.—This view of Blackgang exhibits its wild and rugged grandeur. The cliffs rise to a height of four hundred feet above sea level. The surf-line breaking on the red beach far below on the left, with the broad expanse of sea beyond, is very fine. The cliffs in the middle distance consist of the sands and clays of the lower Greensand formation, and are constantly falling and being eroded by the waves. The breakers on the shore at Blackgang are very grand in stormy weather, the beach being very steep and the water deep outside, a great volume rolls in with magnificent effect and thunderous sound. Geologically it is of great interest, the beds of the lower Greensand being more fully developed here than elsewhere, a thickness of almost eight hundred feet being exhibited in this neighbourhood.


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