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English: Consider this as a XXI century 2012 operators map of more than 72 year old now t34. As it is related on the File:World_map_blank_with_blue_sea.svg with the newest version from 2008(!) it have some mistakes(like no South Sudan), also it is hard to find reliable sources. Please also check all other countries, especially that African, maybe they bought some tanks from others. But this is made as good as possible, and You can help improving it. So now it is version 0.61

   former operators(light red)
   current operators(dark red)
   strange situation

Yemen:100, status unknown ] September 20, 2010.

Libya: Thursday 18 August 2011 "Reuters reported that a rebel T-34 tank and an anti-aircraft gun seized from Gaddafi forces was in place in the main square in Garyan." . Confirmed usage. The strange and funny is that winning rebellion army still can't count their own resources. Old text: Libya: Libya related sources after Gaddafi not reported any t34 tanks. Probably all was after 1996 withdrawn, sold or destroyed in 2011 Libyan civil war. Another possibility is that there were taken away by some warriors like Tuaregs.

Republic of Congo: probably still in use, because of the Military of the Republic of the Congo 1996 report, and little number of tanks with main battle as a t64

Guinea: in basics similar situation to Republic of Congo, Military of Guinea#Army

Guinea-Bissau: see above and Military of Guinea-Bissau

Mali see above.

Mozambique see above and Military of Mozambique

Namibia see above, IISS Military Balance 2006 and Military of Namibia

Somalia see above (without IISS 2006) and Military of Somalia

Togo - 7, see above and Military_of_Togo

Bulgaria - Bulgaria generally have a politic of "large reserves", however by Modern equipment of the Bulgarian land forces most of t34 was scrapped or sold to Mali. But some remains "in last reserve" so it may be considered as a current operator, because this list includes every military t34 owned by country forces.

North Korea - probably around 250, but unknown operational. The North Korea lost all tanks during the Korean war(but in first stage t34 given them advantage and many winnings), but after that was buying/acquiring remaining tanks. Little is officially known about it army, but all sources state that they have "long living" reserves, however lacking supplies, especially to drive/train. With the cult of Korean War, and many barracks, depots, and underground too, with inventions like armoured tractors there is a big possibility, that t34 are at least in last reserve, for the "Great war".

Pakistan: Probably all are now withdrawn, even t54 are probably now a "garage tank". Algeria: the same as Pakistan, basing on Wikipedia

Egypt: See Pakistan, and a military influence of USA with strong movements to withdrawn ex-Soviet tanks, leaving only updated american cold war tanks.

Sudan - probably all withdrawn, fate unknown, IISS of 2007 shown none of this tanks

Afghanistan: Probably holded some large even number of tanks like t-34. But current situation of tanks in Afghanistan is unknown - the sources don't give the numbers and types of current vehicles, and USA made a deal with Russia to buy large numbers of old, ex-Soviet/Russian vehicles. Nobody gives sources reliable what was after American invasion in 2001 - as there is some info that most airplanes was destroyed, tanks maybe destroyed too or just left/hide somewhere. They t34 may be considered as not a big threat, and a not a good weapon, so it is possible that some of them survived. Albania: Probably had t34 basing on 1996 source, but now status of it is unknown. With ongoing modernisation and for e.g. abolishing consription is probably in reserve, withdrawn or sold.

Angola: No sources on Wikipedia article, and other Angolan Armed Forces Probably no tank in active or reserve service.

Equatorial_Guinea: Military of Equatorial Guinea

Zimbabwe: Status unknown, probably all withdrawn Zimbabwe National Army

  1. "The Institute for National Security Studies", chapter Israel, 2010, September 20, 2010.
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