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English: International special sign for works and installations containing dangerous forces. It is to be used during an armed conflict to facilitate the identification of installations like dykes, dams or nuclear power plants, which could release dangerous forces when damaged or destroyed. It is forbidden by International Humanitarian Law to attack such installations if an attack may cause consequent severe losses among the civilian population.
Suomi: Vaarallisia voimia sisältävän laitoksen tai rakennelman suojamerkki. Merkillä osoitetaan laitokset, joiden tuhoaminen vapauttaisi vaarallisia voimia. Tällaisia voivat olla esim. padot ja ydinvoimalat. Kansainvälinen oikeus kieltää merkittyihin laitoksiin hyökkäämisen, mikäli tämä voi vaarantaa siviiliväestön.
Date 6 January 2007
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IHL Symbol

The use of the symbol shown in this image is regulated by certain international treaties, particularly the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907, the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their additional protocols of 1977 and 2005, as well as other rules of International Humanitarian Law either in written agreements or by long-standing customs. Misuse of this symbol is prohibited by these treaties as well as by national law in all countries which have ratified them. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status of the depiction shown here.

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