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Français : Tableau représentant la signature de l’armistice de 1918 dans le wagon-salon du Maréchal Foch. Derrière la table, de droite à gauche, le général Weygand, le maréchal Foch (debout) et les amiraux britanniques Wemyss, G.Hope et J.Marriott. Devant, le ministre d’État allemand Matthias Erzberger, le général major Detlof von Winterfeldt (avec le casque) de l’armée impériale, le comte Alfred von Oberndorff des Affaires étrangères et le capitaine de vaisseau Ernst Vanselow de la Marine impériale.
Svenska: Stilleståndet 1918
English: Colorized photograph, which depicts from left to right: German Admiral Ernst Vanselow, German Count Alfred von Oberndorff (1870 - 1963) of the Foreign Ministry, German army general Detlof von Winterfeldt, British Royal Navy Captain Jack Marriott (Naval Assistant to the First Sea Lord), Matthias Erzberger, head of the German delegation Centre party member of the Reichstag (1875 - 1921), who was later murdered by Freikorps rightists for his role in the Armistice, British Rear-Admiral George Hope (Deputy First Sea Lord), British Admiral of the Fleet Sir w:en:Rosslyn Wemyss (First Sea Lord), Marshal of France Ferdinand Foch (1851 - 1929), and French general Maxime Weygand (1867 - 1965). according to

This image appears to be a painting, not a colourized photograph. (It might have also been published as a sepia postcard.) The probably that it is not a photograph is also indicated by the inaccurate depiction of furniture, in Maréchal Foch's 'dining car', which had a fixed-to-the-floor table and French chairs (as seen in photographs of the event). The probable inaccuracy of the depiction might be the reason for its anonymity.


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