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Česky: Vlajka Československa.
Deutsch: Flagge der ehemaligen Tschechoslowakei.
English: Flag of former Czechoslovakia.
Esperanto: Flago de la eksa ŝtato Ĉeĥoslovakio.
Hrvatski: Zastava bivše Čehoslovačke.
Русский: Флаг Чехословакии
Slovenčina: Vlajka Československa.
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Češkoslovaške.
Српски / srpski: Застава некадашње Чехословачке.
Date 1920.
Source own code according Image:Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
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This image shows a flag, a coat of arms, a seal or some other official insignia. The use of such symbols is restricted in many countries. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status.

Public domain CzechGov


Public domain According to the Czech Copyright Act, this image is in the public domain.

( Law No. 121/2000, Article 3, Section a)

“Protection pursuant to this Act shall not apply to

  • an official work, such as a legal regulation, decision, public charter, publicly accessible register and the collection of its records, and also
  • an official draft of an official work and other preparatory official documentation including the official translation of such work,
  • Chamber of Deputies and Senate publications,
  • a memorial chronicle of a municipality (muncipal chronicle),
  • a state symbol and symbol of a regional self-governing unit,
  • and other such works where there is public interest in their exclusion from copyright protection.”

Hence it is assumed that this image has been released into the public domain. However, in some instances the use of this image might be regulated by other laws.

Flag of the Czech Republic.svg


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