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The data is taken from  United Nations Statistics Division.


Flag of CARICOM.svg Caribbean Community

 Aruba and  Netherlands Antilles are observers in CARICOM.

 Aruba 103,889 2,421,284,470 2,623,463,687 8.35% 25,253
 Netherlands Antilles 191,572 3,351,955,307 3,463,171,741 3.32% 18,078

SICA ZP.svg Central American Integration System

NAFTA logo.png North American Free Trade Agreement

Emblem of the Union of South American Nations.svg Union of South American Nations


African Union

  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is disputed.  United Nations has no data for it.

Emblem of the Arab League.svg Arab League

Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf

These countries are members of the Arab League.


Association of Southeast Asian Nations

 Japan and  Republic of Korea have bilateral agreements with ASEAN.

 Japan 127,966,710 4,375,994,085,491 4,379,624,149,269 0.08% 34,225
 Republic of Korea 48,223,854 888,023,483,622 956,787,682,724 7.74% 19,841

Flag of Europe.svg European Union

 Greenland,  Israel,  Morocco[1] and  Turkey have bilateral agreements with the EU.

 Greenland 58,137 1,918,983,243 2,197,161,931 14.50% 37,793
 Israel 6,927,680 142,074,639,828 161,988,717,694 14.02% 23,383
 Morocco 31,704,136 65,404,530,683 73,429,385,198 12.27% 2,316
 Turkey 74,876,697 403,458,891,612 487,552,008,716 20.84% 6,511
EFTA logo.svg European Free Trade Association

These countries have bilateral agreements with the EU.

Flag of CEFTA.svg Central European Free Trade Agreement

These countries have bilateral agreements with the EU.

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

 Iran is a candidate and  Mongolia is a first observer.

 Iran 71,208,382 222,880,463,580 289,933,189,320 30.08% 4,072
 Mongolia 2,628,837 3,187,779,224 3,892,099,502 22.09% 1,481
Flag of the CIS.svg Commonwealth of Independent States

These countries have strong bilateral relations with SCO members, and prior formed  Soviet Union.

GUAM Summit 2006.jpg GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development

These counries have strong bilateral relations with CIS members.

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation


Pacific Islands Forum Logo.svg Pacific Islands Forum

Left out

 Cuba and  Democratic People's Republic of Korea are left out of these blocs, but  United Nations has data for them.

 Cuba 11,267,884 56,180,700,000 52,298,443,313 -6.91% 4,641
 Democratic People's Republic of Korea 23,889,616 13,764,393,535 14,752,683,080 7.18% 618


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