A World of Learning

2006 Wikipedia CD Selection

A Schools Global Citizen Resource from SOS Children

This site is an online copy of the Wikipedia CD which can be downloaded from this Wikipedia Download page.

The contents includes:

549 Wikipedia articles on places, including countries and capital cities

599 Wikipedia articles on plants and animals (including crops, and dinosaurs!)

457 Wikipedia articles on science including the Weather and Space

405 Wikipedia articles on general knowledge: including many "featured" articles

An alphabetical index of all articles on the CD

A complete copy of the SOS Children website with details of projects in 125 countries

In total the CD has 2011 articles, more than 8000 images and over 3.5 million words (equivalent to a 4,000 page book in text alone). You can use the topic indexes to find your way around but the best way is perhaps to pick and article and follow the links to other topics embedded in the text: for example, good starting places are Africa, Insect, The Solar System, Tsunami or Apple.

These articles have been hand-picked from Wikipedia, tidied up (by deletion only, not alteration), checked for plausibility and suitability (by volunteers, whom we gratefully acknowledge) and put together in a form suitable for publication on a CD. We believe the overall quality of the articles we have selected is very good, with a slightly higher rate of typos than typical for an equivalent sized book, but more typical of higher quality internet sites. We have not altered the article content (even though our volunteer was certain that peafowl were Polygamous NOT Polygynous)! We have left some minor typos and other possible minor errors where on balance the content was worthy of inclusion nonetheless. The articles have been chosen (out of around 800,000 on the www.wikipedia.org website) for quality, suitability and interest to children between the ages of about 8-15, and are intended to help children become more aware of the world around them. Please see our statement of copyright and disclaimer.